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Do the right thing, do the right thing
——Interview with Chen Xuekong, General Manager of Hebei Golden Musical Instrument Group
In 2009, it was indeed an extraordinary development year for Hebei Golden Musical Instrument Group. In the past 20 years since the founding of the company, from a well-known township and village enterprise to the well-known group of musical instruments industry at home and abroad, according to Chen Xuekong, general manager of the Golden Musical Instrument Group, the gold musical instrument made the right choice in the historical development. With the correct attitude of doing things, it conforms to the development law of the enterprise and the market.
 "The 21st century is an era of resource integration. Whoever integrates the market and management resources will win the market." The 2009 Shanghai International Musical Instrument Exhibition is the first time that the Golden Musical Instrument has created a group-based business model. The first year. From high-end acoustic guitars, electric violins and Jinyin 2000 series products, we have a more intuitive understanding of the quality of domestically produced instruments. “Golden sound group copper tube marching musical instrument full set of products attracted strong attention from European and American musical instrument buyers.” Chen Xuekong said that the group’s Jinyin 2000 wood tube products and their ancillary products are also welcomed by college students, products from packaging To the matching accessories, fully consider the individual needs of consumers. In the face of intensified market competition, Jinyin Group has increased its investment and promotion of brand awareness. It is expected to establish a brand image flagship store in Shanghai, so that consumers can feel the golden sound products from a distance. After the establishment of the group-based business model, the superiority of the gold music device is directly reflected in the effective reduction of the procurement cost of the musical instrument merchants. The customers can purchase the full-line matching products in the Jinyin Group, and the after-sales service is effectively guaranteed. So far, Jinyin Group has more than 300 agents overseas. Due to the financial crisis, the factory has reduced its long-term orders for half a year and one year, and short-term orders have increased, but the total export volume has not declined. Jinyin Group can ship up to 50 containers per month, and its products are exported to Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. In 2009, the export of Jinyin Group is expected to exceed 10% year-on-year, which is no problem.
20 years of entrepreneurship, a successful triple jump of gold music
Today's Hebei Golden Musical Instrument Group has become the leading enterprise in the musical instrument industry in Hengshui City, Hebei Province, and has become a window for Hengshui to open to the outside world and a bright cultural card. From the luggage products with independent intellectual property rights, to the hundreds of CNC CNC machine tools with international advanced musical instrument technology, to the violin electrostatic paint spraying line, it has marked the complete reinvention of the gold music instrument and become a modern management instrument enterprise. After the successful transformation of OEM-oriented export-oriented enterprises, Jinyin Group has made the development of Jinyin Group attract attention in the research and development of independent brands, improving its ability to resist market risks and absorbing advanced musical instrument technology.
“In the past 20 years of entrepreneurship, the transformation of Hebei Golden Musical Instrument Group in industrial structure and product marketing strategy has benefited first from the policy support of the state and local governments, and thanks to the love of customers who have cooperated with Jinyin for many years. Without the backing of the government, the Golden Musical Instrument Group will not achieve today's scale of development. Secondly, the Jinyin Group makes full use of the geographical advantage of Wuqiang County. In the local area, the labor resources are sufficient, the labor costs are low, and many workers keep their homes on the ground. The salary is not too high.” Chen Xuekong told reporters that in 1995, the development of gold musical instruments began to take shape and began to transform export-oriented export-oriented enterprises. In cooperation with foreign companies, gold musical instruments not only harvested advanced technology, It has also gained sales share in the international musical instrument market. With the OEM market channel, the popularity of the Jinyin brand has rapidly increased in the market. From 1995 to 2000, foreign technology and management assistance prompted Jinyin to embark on the scientific development track. In the 21st century, how to reduce procurement costs is the most concerned issue for dealers. For example, foreign companies in Jinyin Group can purchase a series of products from wood pipes, copper pipes, to violins, guitars, bags and other products at a time. On the premise that the freight cost does not increase, the purchaser can base on the original cost. More types of musical instruments are diverted to overseas secondary dealers, and they can also benefit from it. Why not? The product of the Golden Music Group's diversified and serialized development has been recognized and enthusiastically supported by foreign companies.
“In 2005, after completing the goal of large-scale struggle, the Golden Musical Instrument once became confused about how the future of the company will develop. Everyone felt that the prospects were embarrassing for some time.” Chen Xuekong recalled that after the Jinyin leadership, he carefully discussed Market research and establish the vision of the second venture. How to carry out the second venture? Jinyin Group visited overseas famous musical instruments enterprises and had a clear understanding of the modern enterprise management model. "Only by harnessing modern equipment, we can solve the standardization problem of enterprise production. The standardization of musical instrument manufacturing guarantees that enterprises can qualify for the issue of large-scale development." Chen Xuekong said with deep feelings. After visiting the famous German musical instrument enterprises, Jin Musician increased the introduction and investment of advanced numerical control equipment. “With CNC CNC machine tools as equipment guarantee, the problem of product manufacturing and processing precision has been completely solved, and the production cycle is effectively shortened. Production technology The standardization and standardization have laid a solid scientific and technological foundation for the large-scale development of Jinyin Group's industry.” In the era of manual work of workers, product standardization and qualification rate are not guaranteed. In the digital age, gold musical instruments use science and technology to regulate enterprises. Supporting production. To date, the Gold Musical Instrument Group has more than 160 varieties of musical instruments and more than 600 models. The Gold Musical Instrument Group spent nearly a year building a detailed product database.
First decision, then management
It is not easy for a person to change the old habits themselves, let alone a business. “Previously, the company held a management seminar. The leaders heard the words of Yimei. As the leader could not hear the opposition, this is a very abnormal thing for modern enterprise management.” Chen Xuekong said. In 2006, the leadership of Jinyin Group was sensitive to realize that having advanced equipment is only one of the elements of modern enterprise development. To this end, the gold music management team specially hired Tsinghua University management marketing experts to the factory guidance, to ask experts how to establish a modern enterprise management system in line with the development of gold music. The expert's suggestion is to do the diagnosis first and then customize the degree. As the saying goes, I don’t know the true colors of the mountains, only in this mountain. Chen Xuekong realized that as a business manager, if he is in the enterprise, even if he is familiar with the situation of the enterprise, he may not really know where the crux of the management and operation of the enterprise is. The requirement put forward by the experts is that if the enterprise wants to reform, it must be implemented in accordance with the management of experts.
Tsinghua University management marketing experts specially appointed seven experts to Wuqiang County to camp, from the middle management to the grassroots employees, experts should carefully comb the enterprise management system. The seven experts lived for three months. After careful research, they gathered a thick proposal and record on how to improve the management level of gold music instruments. Among the more than 500 scattered records, which are common problems of enterprises and which are partial problems, experts sit down with business managers to find the source of the problem. "I saw so many problems, as a manager, I was a bit overwhelmed at the time. In our eyes, there are so many management and operational loopholes in seemingly familiar companies." Chen Xuekong told reporters that enterprises In order to carry out the correct market positioning, we must face these operational loopholes. To this end, Jin Music has invited hundreds of domestic distributors to the factory to discuss these difficult market issues. The conclusion is: if the enterprise wants to develop, it must take the independent development and the strategic development route of brand marketing. The simple counterfeiting will eventually become the bottleneck of the future development of the enterprise.
"This internal restructuring is not a smooth one, and we have encountered resistance in it." Chen Xuekong said that through enterprise research, the management executive power of Jinyin Violin Branch was ranked in Weiwei because the branch adopted a shareholding system. Many shareholders are in the enterprise, the management will be issued by the general factory, the shareholders do not pay enough attention to it, and the management execution is poor. From raw material procurement to material processing, to product storage and storage, the violin factory has not been very smooth. At that time, the company invested energy and financial resources in management, which led to doubts from the shareholders of the violin branch. Shareholders’ opinion is that instead of spending money on these invisible things, it’s better to buy some practical production tools. Since the product market is also selling well, why change the management method? “Shareholders have shares in the enterprise, and the idea of ​​profit distribution at the end of the year is a matter of concern to most shareholders. However, how long-term development of the company is unforeseen by shareholders.” Chen Xuekong believes that the management of modern enterprises exists in the presence In the context of the gap in consciousness, it seems unlikely that shareholders will change their marketing thinking in a short period of time. In the end, after the active negotiation between the management of the gold music and the shareholders, everyone calmly chose mergers and acquisitions. The shareholders who insisted on their own opinions left the branch and set up the stove separately. The original production management method was still adopted. The violin branch after the merger and acquisition officially entered the modern management mode. At that time, there were more than 270 employees in the violin branch. After the restructuring and restructuring, there were more than 210 employees left. The employee turnover and equipment loss were inevitable. Chen Xuekong told reporters that the state of the violin branch was really worrying at the time. At that time, the gold musicals executives expected the violin branch to lose about 3 million yuan throughout the year.
In 2008, Chen Xuekong told reporters that the leadership of the gold musical instrument pays close attention to the changes and influences brought about by the restructuring of enterprises. According to Chen Xuekong's words, he also wants to know whether this adjustment is really in line with the rules of modern management, or in the good economic form, as the manager's consciousness expands. By the end of the year, everything will be clear. According to the data of the year-end production report, in 2008, the total production and sales of the reorganized violin factory increased by 9% compared with 2007. The violin factory not only did not lose money, but also showed growth and profit. Facts have proved that the transformation of the management mode of the violin branch is successful, and it is in line with the law of market development, indicating that the decision-making thinking of the Jinyin Group leadership is correct. After a year of running in 2008, the directors of each branch said that the production capacity of gold musical instruments will double in 2009. In order to witness the successful transformation of the violin factory, when the reporter visited the workshop of Jinyin Violin Branch, he saw the advanced electrostatic spraying and dust-free painting line, as well as the CNC head carving machine. The advanced nature of the equipment was in the forefront of the country. The manual work has a qualitative leap, and the appearance and quality of the products are guaranteed by technology. At present, enterprises that use CNC equipment to make violins in China are rare. At the scene, Chen Xuekong told reporters that the traditional violin making process, the reason why the head carving is not machined, is that the power of the drill bit is detrimental to the wood fiber, and the bit speed of the CNC machine tool can reach 24,000 rpm. Not only does the wood fiber not be destroyed during the engraving of the head, but the precision of the process is also guaranteed. As the so-called practice is true, the decision-making of the gold musical instrument leadership is both atmospheric and a breakthrough in consciousness for creating new development ideas for enterprises under the premise of respecting scientific management and musical instrument technology.
No market coverage. Talking about the brand is empty talk.
In 2009, brand building and new product development became an important topic for the Jinyin Group. It is particularly worth mentioning that the luggage products of the Golden Musical Instrument are completely dependent on the innovative spirit of the enterprise, and there is no such thing as copying. The products are well-received among the customers at home and abroad.
 "With gold guitar, we help you grow!" - To become the brand culture of Jinyin Guitar. "In the face of future development, Jinyin is not only about the production and sales of musical instruments, but also the importance of cultural marketing. In addition, we will cooperate with dealers and do a good job in market channel construction." Chen Xuekong told reporters that we were In the enterprise to grasp management, catch production, but brand packaging is another marketing topic, gold music to develop, but also to solve the problem of brand image building. At present, the Golden Musical Instrument Group is participating and supporting the social music culture business. The first saxophone orchestra in Hebei Province is providing equipment and sponsorship funds from the Golden Musical Instrument, including domestic cultural venues and institutions, which will become gold. Musical instruments are the market target for cultural marketing. At the same time, the gold musical instrument is intended to cooperate with the entertainment industry and cooperate with the musical instrument stars to create the brand culture image of Jinyin.
At present, the international market is changing. As the saying goes, it is difficult for the ship to turn around. When the sales of musical instruments in the North American market declines, how can the export-oriented instrument manufacturers led by OEM export avoid the risks of overseas markets? Chen Xuekong told reporters that to solve this problem, we must take the road of independent brand development and have brand autonomy. Enterprises will have the right to speak and pricing in the market. At present, dealers in the United States, Germany, and Brazil are distributing the "Golden Music" musical instrument brand, and the market sales are currently ideal. Secondly, all industries in the world are striving for resource integration, bringing together the advantages of each company and creating new competitive advantages. The future development of the Golden Musical Instrument Group is also intended. In 2009, the Golden Musical Instrument Group and the world famous musical instrument dealer Weiwei have a lot of benefits. “The order processing of overseas small companies, the order of gold music has been reduced compared with the past. It is a cooperative relationship with large companies. Unlike OEM OEMs, which are simple trading relationships, their essential meanings are different. The so-called big brands must be There is its atmosphere, whether it is production or management, it is a good spiritual food for gold music. At present, the Golden Musical Instrument Group has advanced equipment and strong financial strength. How to improve the brand's popularity is a problem that Jinyin Group considers. After all, only the market recognizes that the products that consumers agree with are the products that can withstand the scrutiny. The products have no market coverage, and then the brand is empty talk.
According to the expert's suggestion, a normal export-oriented musical instrument company should be 40% domestically sold and 60% exported. This is also the real factor for the Golden Music Group to increase its domestic market share to 40%. Chen Xuekong believes that there are many uncertain factors in the export market. Like regional conflict wars, natural disasters will have a direct impact on product export. How to avoid risks, 40% of the domestic market can not be ignored, at least in the country to solve problems more convenient than going abroad, the problem is easy to adjust and timely solution. In order to increase the domestic market, Jin Music has set up a domestic marketing department to form a complete team to promote the domestic market. This adjustment of the market share of sales ratio is not a hasty decision made by the brain, but a positive adjustment based on scientific marketing. Can Chinese people only make cheap instruments? Can Chinese people only make popular musical instruments? We are not stupid than others, how can we not create a quality instrument? As a business operator of musical instruments, there should be such self-confidence, the determination to change the prejudice of foreign businessmen, and the actual actions to implement and implement. Chen Xuekong firmly believes that the Golden Musical Instrument Group has the confidence and determination to do this thing in a down-to-earth manner.