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Hebei Jinyin Musical Instruments Manufacture Group Co;Ltd

Add: No. 1, Jinyin Street, Zhouwo Industry Zone, Wuqiang County, Hebei Province,China



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Enterprise honor:
The first honest and law-abiding enterprise in Hebei Province in 2002
In 2003, 10, 14 national integrity and law-abiding township enterprises
In 2003, the company was the first “Top Ten Outstanding Private Enterprises” in Hengshui City.
Hebei Daily on September 10, 2004: Top 100 Private Enterprises in Hebei Province
2005-3-5 Hebei Province Light Industry Enterprise Association: 2004 Hebei Province, the top 50 light industry (45),
The best economic benefit enterprise of light industry in Hebei Province in 2004 (8)
Hebei Province, Henan Province, 2004, SME Bureau: “Hebei Province Integrity Demonstration Unit”
 November 2004 Hebei Labor and Social Security Bureau, Federation of Trade Unions, Entrepreneur Association: 2002-2004 "Hebei Province Labor Relations Harmonious Enterprise"
 Hebei Workers' Report on March 20, 2006: List of "Hebei Province AAA-level Labor Relations Harmonious Enterprise"
Hebei Province's "Quality and Reputation" Unit, 2003-2005
May 30, 2005, China Arts and Crafts Materials Association approved as "Group Member of China Artistic Performance Materials Association" (2005-2009)
China Musical Instrument Association: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, a strong company in the Chinese musical instrument industry
"The world's 225 strong musical instruments and audio products" 221st in 2001; 202nd in 2002; 131st in 2003; 132nd in 2004
Quality and Service No Complaints Social Commitment Unit Hebei Provincial Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute, Information Center (2004-2005)
The 8th Consumer Trustworthy Unit of Hebei Province Hebei Consumers Association (October 2005)
“National Township Enterprises Implement “Going Global” Strategy Advanced Enterprise” Ministry of Agriculture (November 2006)
Hebei Provincial Federation of Trade Unions (Democratic Management Department, Collective Contract Department): August 2007 "*** Hebei Province Workers' Congress Star Rating Unit"
product quality:
Quality System Certification ISO9002—1994 Certification Time: December 28, 2001 China Quality Certification Center
                       ISO9001-2000 certification time: December 31, 2003
Famous brand products of township enterprises in Hebei Province issued by Hebei Provincial Township Enterprise Bureau (November 30, 2002)
Hengshui City Famous Brands 2003
Hebei Province Quality Products (2004-12-2007-12) awarded by Hebei Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision
China's famous best-selling brand July 2004 China Famous Brand and Strategy Promotion Committee
The JY trademark was awarded the famous trademark of Hebei Province. December 2005 Hebei Administration for Industry and Commerce
Famous Brand Products of Hebei Province In December 2005, Hebei Province Quality Award Evaluation Committee and Hebei Provincial Technical Supervision Bureau
Registered trademark: JY; Product name: Musical instrument